First of all you should try applying henna using our Tattoo-Me Henna Paste Bottle. This is always a first step into drawing with henna. Try to draw things you link or what your friends like. You can inspire yourself from the funstuff pages.

Then, get a Tattoo-Me henna kit to learn how to mix your own henna paste. Our henna kits have all the necessary items and instructions on how to mix your very own paste. Other recipes are available, even though we believe fresh lemon juice mixed into henna powder with a few drops of eucalyptus oil, is the optimal henna mix for the darkest henna tattoos.

Once you're drawn on a few dozens of your friends and feel you are ready to become a henna artist:

Are you artistic enough to copy a picture or image if you see it? Do you like to draw? Are you interested in making $400 or more per week-end?

Become a Tattoo-Me Henna Artist! We help you get started and even let you know when and where to go apply your henna art and make great money.

Our Henna Artist Program works like this: You purchase one of our Artists Kits which include all the necesssary items you need. Then we refer you to our listings of festivals, shows and faires in your area. Email Jasmine & she'll send you a listing for your home state.

We offer the following professional packages:

  • 10 henna powder pouches (25g each)
  • 1 PlasticTip intermediate bottle 30ml
  • 1 PlasticTip intermediate bottle 60ml
  • 1 PlasticTip intermediate bottle 120ml
  • 6 Metal Tip applicator (#4#5#6#8#9#11)
  • 3 Cone Tip applicator
  • 12 traditional plastic cones
  • 100 tattoo-care instructions (for customers)
  • 1 book of designs adapted for henna artists (~30 pages)
  • 1 pack of Tamarind
  • Eucalyptus Oil 30ml with dropper
  • Instructions on Mixing & Applying Henna professionally
  • 15-Page HennaPage.Network Training Manual
  • All packaged in the Tattoo-Me Artist Box

If you are interested in joining TM's Artistic Team, please email us at

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