stencils and patterns for henna temporary tattoos
We offer a large selection of Rounds, Floral patterns, Celtic, Tribal, Arm Bands and Traditional Mehndi stencils. All our stencils are rubber-made, washable and reusable for application with henna paste, jagua gel, airbrush and body paints. Simply apply the stencil to the area you want to use it on, fill in the holes with your henna paste, jagua gel, airbrush or body paint. Wait 4-5 minutes for the paste to set in. Then remove the stencil and wash it for a later reuse. This is the best way to start using our products if you are not artistic yet. All the round stencils are 3 inches in diameter and most bands are 5-6 inches long. Select your stencils below:
Round Stencils
$2.99 R6
$2.99 R7
henna stencil unicorn
$2.99 R10
henna stencil tiger
$2.99 R18
stencil henna peace
$2.99 R20
henna stencil dove
$2.99 R21
henna stencil skull
$2.99 R22
henna stencil eagle
$2.99 R24
henna stencil medusa
$2.99 R26
henna stencil pharo egyptian
$2.99 R27
henna stencil lion
$2.99 R29
henna stencil floral
$2.99 R31
henna stencil star
$2.99 R35
henna stencil phoenix
Phoenix Birds
$2.99 R36
henna stencil saggitarius
$2.99 R38
henna stencil knight
$2.99 R39
henna stencil trident
Trident - Shiva
$2.99 R40
henna stencil leaves
$2.99 R41
henna stencil ganesh
Elephant - Ganesh
$2.99 R43
henna stencil Om
$2.99 R44
Moon & Star
$2.99 R45
Eternity Sun
$2.99 R46
African Lion - Rasta
$2.99 R47
Turtle - Pacific Islander
$2.99 R48
Mayan Bird
$2.99 R49
$2.99 R50
Mauri Face
$2.99 R51
$2.99 R52
Tribal Knot
$2.99 R53
Tribal Flames
$2.99 R54
Tribal Sun
$2.99 R55
Stencils Sale on 8 henna stencils
Any combination of eight round stencils
$19.99 Rx8
For the combination of stencils, please enter in your 8 choices in the customer comment form in the checkout system, or email them to us separately. A random selection is picked if none is entered.
Band Stencils
henna stencil flower armband
$3.99 - Floral
celtic henna band stencil
$3.99 - Celtic
butterfly arm band henna stencil
$3.99 - Butterflies
rose stencil for henna arm band
$3.99 - Roses
celtic arm band stencil for henna
$3.99 - Tribal
$3.99 - Tribal
tribal stencil for henna
$3.99 - Tribal
$3.99 - Tribal
tribal stencil for henna
$3.99 - Tribal
stencils sale for henna 8 stencils special
$19.99 - 6 arm bands
Traditional Designs Stencils
hand stencil for traditional henna
Traditional Hand Stencil:$4.99
Works on both hands
7x3.25" or 18x8cm
foot neck stencil for traditional henna
Foot/Neck Stencil:$4.99
Works on both areas
7x4.25" or 18x11cm
paisley stencil for henna
flower stencil for henna
paisleys stencils for henna
2 Paisleys
Flower 5
40 Assorted Stencils
Disclaimer: In the event that one or more stencils in your selection is out of stock, we will send you the best possible replacement. You may exchange your replacement stencil if never used by sending us a SASE envelope with your stencil and the choice you'd like to get. The exchange request must be within 30 days of order date.
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